Offline editing at studio as well as editing on the Location or Set.Collaborate with the VFX and Motion Graphics department and providing them with the necessary fames/shots to work on. Placing reference Music and SFX cues for sound design and Background Music. Relinking and Online facility for web (sketches/episodes). Well organised project management and fast dispatch of the deliverables. 

Design a suitable workflow for your projects by selecting correct camera formats, hard drives, backup approaches, editing systems, timecode synchronisation etc. according to your shoot schedule, locations, logistics, delivery requirements and most importantly, budget.
Guidance on the technical specifications for all the deliverables for various OTT platforms, Social Media platforms, and Theatrical releases.

Taking multiple backups, creating detailed reports, Transcoding the raw camera files creating editable proxies. Applying the standard LUTs for log footage, jam sync with recorded audio.
Project preparation and bin management along with on set line up facility for softwares like Avid, FCP and Premiere Pro. The files can also be uploaded for preview to any cloud service of your choice. I make sure that things like timecode, file naming and metadata are correct so that editing and relinking for DI, sound and VFX works painlessly. Provision for simultaneous  LTO backups is also available.
*if you’re looking for ‘copy-paste’ services that the camera attendants do for a nominal budget, then I don’t do that. I have film-school trained professionals who speak English, understand film-making and editing, and have spent 3 or more years in a classroom studying it. I train them, observe them, monitor them, I make sure they do it right.*

Provision of Editing systems, subtitle format conversions, DCP making, Blu-ray, DVD authoring.
Exporting EDL/AAF/XML from softwares like Avid/Premiere Pro/FCP 7/FCP X so that they work correctly in Baselight and DaVinci Resolve. 
Colour grading for short films, sketches and web shows on Lumetri and DaVinci Resolve.
Motion Graphics and Basic Effects. 
Extraction of valid EDL/AAF/XML from old/corrupt projects, relinking media without time code information. 
Fixing a project that has multiple frame rates. 
Consolidating footage to be delivered to the DI facility. 
Making sound AAF/OMF for ProTools.
Convert and consolidate entire project from one software to be taken to another software like from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro, FCPX or AVID.  
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